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Star Wars Black Rebel Emblem Highball Glass Exclusive

Star Wars Black Rebel Emblem Highball Glass Exclusive

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Star Wars - Black Rebel Emblem Highball Glass - ThinkGeek Exclusive

Star Wars glasses didn't used to be classy. In fact, we used to get them at Burger King. Then Star Wars glasses evolved into plain old logo treatments, because apparently "adults" don't want Ewoks on their glasses. Whatever. But now, the licensees have come around, and we're getting some stylish options for our kitchen cabinets once again.

Whether the octane in your drink is derived from caffeine or alcohol, this Star Wars Rebel Highball Glass can help you recharge in style. (And yes, we know alcohol is a depressant. Work with us here.) This stylish glass looks great sitting in your sink waiting to be washed (see, we know you, because you're like us). Even better than closed up in a stuffy cupboard, right? That's why it's still in the sink. Really.

Product Features:

  • Made of glass
  • Inspired by Star Wars
  • Hand wash only
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Do not microwave
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