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Nano Metalfigs Harry Potter - 5 Pack A

Nano Metalfigs Harry Potter - 5 Pack A

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Nano Metalfigs Harry Potter - 5 Pack A

Each posed Nano figure is made of 100% die-cast metal and stands about 1.65" tall and weighs about 30g or roughly 5 quarters. Although they might be small, each is finely sculpted and has premium metallic paints to achieve a high-quality appearance and durability, all at a Nano price.

Bring the action home with your favorite heroes and villains from the world of Harry Potter! Featuring authentic character likeness and posing, these die-cast figures are sure to be a standout in any collection!

Box Contents:

  • 1 Harry Potter Year 1 HP1 Nano Metalfig
  • 1 Ron Weasley Year 1 HP3 Nano Metalfig
  • 1 Hermione Granger HP4 Nano Metalfig
  • 1 Percy Weasley HP25 Nano Metalfig
  • 1 Arthur Weasley HP26 Nano Metalfig
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