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Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Picnic Blanket

Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Picnic Blanket

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Harry Potter - Hogwarts Crest Picnic Blanket

Hogwarts is a beautiful (if occasionally dangerous) campus. So, it just makes sense that we'd want to have a picnic somewhere around the castle grounds. The problem is… where? It's a shame the Whomping Willow is so aggressive because that area definitely has the best view. 

What makes a successful picnic anyway? Sure, the food is important, but the blanket provides the comfort. Set an enchanting scene with this Hogwarts Crest Picnic Blanket. Comfortable, beautiful, and large - this fleece blanket represents all the houses from Hogwarts, so no one will feel left out (unless they're from someplace like Beauxbatons Academy of Magic or Ilvermorny).

Product Features:

  • Officially Licensed
  • Measures approx. 64” x 55”
  • Made of fleece
  • Based on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
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