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Spank the Yeti Party Game

Spank the Yeti Party Game

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Spank the Yeti Party Game

Most people think they know their friends pretty well. You may know their favorite food, their pet's name, their zip code, and birthday. You may even know how they take their coffee or whether or not they sleep in the nude. But do you truly know your friends until you know whether or not they would milk Jeff Goldblum? The makers of Spank the Yeti think not. 

Inspired by the classic game F%ck, Marry, Kill, each round of Spank the Yeti starts with one player pairing up three Action Cards with three Object cards, and the other players try to correctly predict the answers. Earn points for correct matches. The first to 15 wins! 

Product Features:

  • Includes 200 action cards, 200 object cards, 33 ABC cards, and 3 123 cards.
  • 2-10 players
  • Ages 17 and up

Note: This is not a game for kids.

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